We Fly Cameras!
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Drone Cinematography Reel
We Fly Cameras!

SKY BANDIT PICTURES thrives on cameras in motion. Our motto is "We Fly Cameras".

From taking cameras to the sky with drones and manned aircraft to 'flying' cameras on the ground with our Steadicam and remote controlled stabilized gimbals, we aim to give you dynamic shots with high production value safely and affordably.

Our team is comprised of industry professionals who make their living behind an eyepiece. We are artists first and technicians in support of producing quality images. Our years of active membership in organizations such as the International Cinematographers Guild and Society of Camera Operators has given us a wide variety of client and on-set experience in addition to our work as cinematographers and camera operators.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions. We love working with new people in addition to the steady relationships we maintain with existing clients.

  • Drone Cinematography

    We’ve been involved with drones from the ancient times of custom built kits with gimbals flying GoPro 2’s and footage that was stable only on perfectly calm days with no more than 10 degrees of pan and tilt. Times have changed! Today we fly far more advanced systems with footage that is rock solid right out of the camera. And if you need shots from a traditional helicopter, we have experience with that as well.

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  • Steadicam

    Over 15 years professional film & TV experience (yes, actual film!) with an industry standard rig that has worked movies, TV, commercials, live events, corporate shoots, music videos, and more. Wireless lens control and wireless video downlink included. We’ll fly anything from DSLR’s to the highest end digital cinema cameras. And film cameras!

    CLICK HERE to view Steadicam reel.

  • Stabilized Gimbals

    Remote controlled. Single operator or dual operator. Handheld, mounted to a dolly, mounted to a car, mounted to a cable…your imagination is the limit for where you can put your camera on an affordable wirelessly controlled stabilized platform. Wireless lens control and wireless video downlink available.

											Sony BMG 
											American Eagle 
											LA Forum 
											Del Records 
											Happy Canyon 
											Queen Latifah 
											Travel Channel 
											Nat Geo 
											Under Armour 
											Car Crazy 
											Houston Rockets 
											Malibu Marathon 
											Meaningful Beauty 
											US Cellular

Associations & Memberships


FAA Certificated for Drones
Federal Aviation Administration

Local 600

Active Members
Int’l Cinematographers Guild


Founding Members
Society of Aerial Cinematography


Active Members
Academy of Model Aeronautics

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